My photo-a-day


The last day


365/365 One photo. Every day. For. A. Year. Mostly my thoughts today are, "Oh, thank goodness that's over." And I am looking forward to not having to take a photo tomorrow. At some point I'll look back through these and do a bit of curation :D
Leidolf Lordomat


253/364 Seamus O'Donnell's, purveyors of possibly the best pint of Guinness in Bristol. A fine place to cool down after a hot walk into town to drop a roll of film off for development.  


231/365 I sent a roll of Kodak Ektar off for development (to The Darkroom in Cheltenham) just before I went on holiday. The prints were waiting for me to dive into when I got home. Some of these were taken during my 365, but I'm not sure what day they were taken on, which is one of the problems with film! These were taken with my dad's old Yashica Electro 35 (on the left, here!)
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