My photo-a-day


A halved garlic bulb


351/365 Today's random thing: being mildly creeped out every time I see this half-a-garlic-bulb in my fridge.
Teriyaki Beef Donburi

Teriyaki Beef

303/365 Quick trip to the Post Office on North Street before heading to B&Q, but I did take the time to nip in to the Tobacco Factory Market and snaffle some beef teriyaki from She Sells Sushi.
In the courtyard

Take Away

240/365 Normally on a Sunday I'll walk over to the Tobacco Factory market and have my lunch there. Today was FAR TOO HOT for that. So after cleaning the bathroom along to The Archers¬†(oh, the stunning heights of excitement of my Sunday mornings!) I drove over in my nice air-conditioned car, stood in the sun for just long enough to do some shopping and buy some "duckoyaki" from She Sells Sushi, and drove it back home to eat in my…
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