My photo-a-day

Behind the Scenes

315/365 Yesterday I realised that my counting of the days through this project had drifted from the reality. This evening I'm finishing off a WordPress plugin that will show the day number whenever I'm publishing a new picture, so I don't get it wrong. Then all I'll have to do is go back and correct the numbers on the earlier posts...  
Scorpio gun kit
kitscience fiction


311/365 Some assembly required. I'm not great with models, but I couldn't resist buying this to have a go after I saw it at Blake.
New curtains

It’s Curtains for You

307/365 Today, I have mostly been fitting these curtains to hide the clothes and other clutter in the alcoves in my bedroom. They seem to make the place seem more restful. Three trips to IKEA and several hours work wasn't restful, but the results are good.
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