My photo-a-day



Record Shot

288/365 Sometimes you don't get a photo of any artistic value at all, but a "record shot". Today I record the fact that when I went to IKEA for some curtains, I spotted some battery-powered LED infra-red sensing lights, bought them, and fitted them above the front door in preparation for those dark winter days when previously I've been fumbling around for the keyhole.
Electricity meter


282/365 Hurrah! I survived the Great Meter Wrap-Around of 2017.
iPod Shuffle


281/365 The things you find while looking for those SD cards you put "somewhere sensible". This came from one of a few boxes of "that might come in handy one day" that I've got in The Alcove Of Stuff.
Baking supplies


267/365 Decluttering the baking supplies on a rainy Saturday afternoon after the women's Wimbledon final. Turns out that if you only bake a couple of times a year, it's easy to end up with a shelf full of expired yeast and three different tubs of baking powder.
Dipping a soldier in an egg. Yum!

Boiled Eggs and Soldiers

264/365 Yesterday one of those internet controversies was stirred up at the revelation that as well as not having kettles, our poor Leftpondian cousins don't have eggcups, either. I was inspired to make the quintessential British dish of boiled eggs and soldiers. (Plus, of course, it's another day where I can knock off the photo of the day before even my morning shower, which means I don't have to worry about it later. Hurrah!)
Eighties Design from Kingston


259/365 I've mostly been putting ugly plastic shelving in my "cave" storage area today, and not a single bit of the process has been photogenic. Neither is this Kingston card reader, but it's an eye-catching kind of ugliness. I hope this gadget doesn't herald a return to 1980s tech design all round...
Wimbledon on t'telly


257/365 A very quotidian snap for today. I would have been outside taking photos, but once a year there's actually some sport I quite enjoy watching on telly :D
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