My photo-a-day


New curtains

It’s Curtains for You

307/365 Today, I have mostly been fitting these curtains to hide the clothes and other clutter in the alcoves in my bedroom. They seem to make the place seem more restful. Three trips to IKEA and several hours work wasn't restful, but the results are good.
Home Textures

That Was Close

297/365 I nearly came a cropper on day 272! I remembered at around midnight that I'd not taken a photo of the day! I jumped up, grabbed the camera, shot a photo or two... And it was too late. They were taken at about a minute past midnight. Oh noes! ...but I was reprieved from failure, as earlier on, when I'd got the camera out, I took a test shot. So here it is, my accidental photo of the day.…
My "to read" pile

To Read

295/365 It's just vaguely possible that my "to read" stack is more aspirational than practical.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

292/365 When I bought the one at the back from IKEA, it was the size of the one at the front. They're slow growers, but they can take neglect pretty well :D
Homemade chilli

Chilli Marrakech

291/365 Pretty dismal weather for August. Still, gives me an excuse to defrost some of my batch cooking from a month or two back... (It's a BBC recipe.)
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