My photo-a-day


Robert Welch chef's knife

Out with the old…

355/365 My Nan's old knife set is finally giving up the ghost. Luckily I work just up the hill from the excellent cookshop "Kitchens" on Whiteladies Road...
Homemade chilli

Chilli Marrakech

291/365 Pretty dismal weather for August. Still, gives me an excuse to defrost some of my batch cooking from a month or two back... (It's a BBC recipe.)
Dipping a soldier in an egg. Yum!

Boiled Eggs and Soldiers

264/365 Yesterday one of those internet controversies was stirred up at the revelation that as well as not having kettles, our poor Leftpondian cousins don't have eggcups, either. I was inspired to make the quintessential British dish of boiled eggs and soldiers. (Plus, of course, it's another day where I can knock off the photo of the day before even my morning shower, which means I don't have to worry about it later. Hurrah!)
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