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Coding Day

329/365 I did a lot of walking yesterday, and followed it up by drinking too much at Wild Beer. Today was mostly a sit-around-at-home-coding-with-a-hangover day. Given the hailstorm that's currently pounding the windows next to me, I think that was a good choice.

Behind the Scenes

315/365 Yesterday I realised that my counting of the days through this project had drifted from the reality. This evening I'm finishing off a WordPress plugin that will show the day number whenever I'm publishing a new picture, so I don't get it wrong. Then all I'll have to do is go back and correct the numbers on the earlier posts...  

Study Station

241/365 It's too damn hot to go outside so I'm going to sit in my nice cool basement with an iced cold-brew coffee and do some studying.
Seagate 4TB portable hard drive.


232/365 My latest hard drive, a 4TB Seagate portable. Four terabytes in the palm of my hand. The first drive I ever used, the Acorn Winchester Disk 130, needed both hands to lift it and stored 30MB. That means you've have needed more than 130,000 of them to give the same capacity as the drive I'm holding in my hand here.
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