Sawing in a straight line is one of my lesser-used talents, but it comes in handy every now and again.


Thermometer showing 23.2C


As someone who doesn’t like the heat, I’m very glad my basement flat is nice and cool. I watered the plants on my front steps just now and the wall of heat that hit me when I walked out there was really quite unpleasant. Alexa (I have an Echo next to my D-I-Y Kindle weather station and thermometer here) tells me it’s 30ÂșC outside.

I think I’ll stay home and do some household chores today. The laundry’s already out…

Take Away

In the courtyard


Normally on a Sunday I’ll walk over to the Tobacco Factory market and have my lunch there.

Today was FAR TOO HOT for that. So after cleaning the bathroom along to The Archers (oh, the stunning heights of excitement of my Sunday mornings!) I drove over in my nice air-conditioned car, stood in the sun for just long enough to do some shopping and buy some “duckoyaki” from She Sells Sushi, and drove it back home to eat in my lovely, cool courtyard….