Overly Optimistic

Behind the scenes


I’d hoped to have a few shots of birds at a bird feeder I bought on a whim, but apparently if you have a somewhat secluded garden it can take a while for word to get around. Maybe tomorrow…

Obduction Notes


One every one or two years, I play a “real” computer game. This time it was Obduction. It was great, but I’ve finished now, so it’s time to tidy up the notes and other detritus that gathers along the way…

Off Her Trolley



Today was best summed up by a video. Here’s my friend Sarah, demonstrating her favourite IKEA pastime.

To keep to my strict photo-a-day obligation, here’s a rubbish bonus snap of my slow-developing daffs.

Developing Daffodils

Morning Crossword


RIP Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse and fan of cryptic crossword puzzles. He’s the reason I try to do the Times Crossword every morning. Today’s was difficult, but fun.




I’m glad I snapped my breakfast first thing, because although it’s not a great photo, the other photos I took today were worse.

Brunel Way


The “temporary” diversion around Ashton Avenue Bridge, due to re-open in October… Last year. Sigh.